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Want to Volunteer with Lus Na Gréine?

Become a Volunteer? We need you.

Lus na Greine FRC depends heavily on the passion, dedication and skill of its many volunteers for the delivery of its services.

Do you feel you would like to: make a change, to help others, to give something back, to get to know your neighbourhood or to be part of a team? Then why not consider volunteering with us.

There are many areas of work that may appeal to you. We would really appreciate your time and skill. Volunteering is a win/win and contributes to one’s confidence, self-esteem, personal development and ultimately life satisfaction!

If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap

If you want happiness for a day go fishing

If you want happiness for a year inherit a fortune

If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody!

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If you wish to volunteer, please request our volunteer pack by contacting us at info@lngfrc.ie or call us now on 043-6660977

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